PowerSpeed 6

Machine no.:



X = 8000 mm
Y = 3100 mm
Z = 1500 mm



Construction year:



8000 mm


3100 mm


1500 mm




Retrofit at SHW

tool taper

SK 50 DIN 69871

Universal machining center SHW-PoweSpeed 6, Machine number 5403, Construction year: 2012


Basic machine with the traverse paths:

Machine stand horizontal-longitudinal          X = 8.000 mm

Headstock carriage vertical                            Y = 3.100 mm

Headstock horizontal-transverse                   Z = 1.500 mm

Machine bed X-axis
Machine bed in flat bed design as basis for a fast and safe movement of the machine stands in the X-axis.
X-axis drive via 2 electrically tensioned electric motors, power transmission via toothed rack bolted in the center of the machine bed.
X-axis can be freely configured. Originally the machine was equipped with X=8.000mm. The energy supply chain would be available for this purpose.
A guideway width of 1,200 mm combined with hardened roller compact guideways ensure maximum precision.


Machine stand Y-axis


Stand in steel-welded construction with rolling compact guide

Two liquid-cooled feed motors in the Y-Axis ensure fast acceleration and high rapid traverse speeds at a constant operating temperature. Two measuring systems on the stand guarantee maximum accuracy when extending the headstock (DynamicDrive). Stand is protected against chips and cooling water with telescopic steel cover. Guideway width in Y-direction 900 mm.


Headstock carrier Y-axis and headstock Z-axis

Headstock support in ST 52 steel construction (Y-axis), guided on the machine stand with two hardened rolling compact guides. Headstock in cast iron construction from GGG 60 (Z-axis) with two opposite rolling compact guides. To counteract a tilting of the vertical unit, the guideways of the Y and Z axes are arranged as close as possible to the stand.



Drive via 2 vertical ball screw spindles with separate drives, measuring systems and CNC axes. This ensures a long-term, highly dynamic acceleration of the vertical unit.


Drive System

Digital feed single drives for accurate contour work on AC motors with Constant torque, feed and rapid traverse range steeples from: X + Y + Z –Axis 2-30.000mm/min, acceleration values in all axes 3.5 m / s2.


Automatic universal milling head in orthogonal design

       Cast construction from GGG 60

       Milling head holder, automatically swiveling 360x 1 degree

       Milling head, automatically swiveling 180 x 1 degree

       64,800 full-grade positions can thus not only via the CNC control be approached, but programmed and processed.

       Indexing via flat teeth

       Repeat accuracy on the spindle nose ± 0.002 mm, Partial accuracy thus ± 3 sec

       Tool holder SK 50 DIN 69871

       The milling spindle is equipped with a hydro mechanical quick-action tool equipped

       Long milling spindle version for automatic universal milling head in orthogonal design

       Tool pull-in force: 20 kN

       Main drive power through a frequency-controlled, liquid-cooled AC motor with 37 kW at 100% ED or 57 kW at 40% ED

       Speed range 36 to max. 8,000 1/min




CNC control SIEMENS 840D SL Central operation by integrated CNC control in the machine operating panel, pivotally mounted on support.


Electrical equipment

According to EN 60204, VBG 4 for 400/230V (±10%) 3 phases, 50 Hz,fuse 250 A slow. Control voltage 24 V, total connected load approx.. 120 kVA, 190 A.

The separate control cabinet contains the control units for main spindle and Feed motors as well as the freely programmable adjustment control and the Switchgear for the additional units. Degree of protection of the control cabinet, the Feed motors and fans and the main motor IP  54. Machine and control cabinet are connected to each other via plug connections. Distance corresponding to 5 m cable length. In the cable channel provided by the customer laid according to installation plan.


Cabinet cooling

Attached to the cabinet doors. Bicameral. There is no Exchange of indoor air with the outside air instead. The internal air of the control cabinet is automatically cooled by an evaporator. At the same time, the Inside air of the control cabinet dehumidifies.



Guideways:                   pulsed central lubrication

Main spindle:                 Grease lubrication

Milling head:                  Oil mist lubrication


Power connection

Compressed air 4-6 bar (filter pressure regulator with manometer and condensate trap on the machine, connection G ¼)



Machine basic color RAL 7004 signal gray. Bed, headstock unit and tool changer with RAL 7016 magazine anthracite gray. Chip conveyor, coolant device and window cover RAL 7016 anthracite gray. Color-neutral standard components RAL 9011 graphite-black. DD textured paint, silk gloss, oil and waterproof.


Remote diagnostics

For quick fault diagnosis and rectification. Prerequisite is the provision a telephone connection in the machine.


Table machining

Division of the machine into three working areas (work area left, Workplace right and complete machine). With removable partition and firmly assigned work areas (partition wall position is fixed). The workpiece programs assigned to the respective work area can be stored in

be processed automatically in any order. Securing the three

Work areas by electric door tumblers. For the main time parallel preparation.


Traveling work platform

Working platform moving in X-direction with built-in CNC-control. Work platform is arranged on the side of the machine stand. Work side door with Window is electrically secured. Equipment with safety glazing.



– Chain magazine for tools                                                      pcs.  120

– Max. tool diameter  with full magazine                                 mm 125

– Max tool diameter with free neighbor pockets                     mm 250

– Max. tool length                                                                     mm 400

– Max. tool weight                                                                    kg     25

– Max. load moment                                                                Nm   40

– Tool holder                                         SK 50                         DIN 69871

– Pure tool change time                                                           sec. approx.. 10

– Spindle position for tool change                                            horizontally

Fixed location coding

Max. Loading capacity approx. 2,000 kg


Protection against contamination of the spindle cone is achieved by blowing air with each tool change.


Coolant system

Coolant device for the coolant supply, optionally switchable outer Coolant supply (shower ring) to inner coolant supply (IKZ), DIN69871-AD


Chilled water air-switching

Switching the internal or external coolant supply from the coolant water on air.


Collision monitoring system 2-channel

2 Monitoring channels: 1. Collision (channel 1)

                                     2. Tool monitoring (channel 2)


A piezo force sensor measures all deformations during machining. The monitoring device analyzes the signals.


Channel 1 Collision:


Channel 1 can be programmed manually from the operator thru the whole machining process. The operator can adjust the deformation stop point. If the deformation value detected by the piezo force sensor is higher than the programmed value, the machine stops immediately. This gives prevention of damage following a collision in the event of program, set up or user error.


Channel 2:


Channel two monitors all tool specific values programmed by the operator in the CNC control unit. This gives prevention of major tool damages when for example the tool is blunt.


External electronic hand wheel (HPX 10/3)


Installed within sight of t he operator / according to

customers requirements

green = production time, orange = setting time, red  = fault



3-dimensional, signal transmission via integrated transmitter.

For automatic replacement for determining the workpiece position and the zero points in horizontal and vertical spindle position. (Further measurement applications are control-dependent).


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