UniForce 7000C

Machine no.:



X = 8000 mm
Y = 7100 mm
Z = 1800 mm



Construction year:



8000 mm -> extension to 22000 mm


7100 mm


1800 mm -> extension to 1900 mm




Basic machine UniForce 7000C

Travels of the machine

Machine column horizontal-longitudinal                      X = 8.000 mm

Spindle stock slide vertical                                          Y = 7.100 mm

Spindle headstock horizontal-cross                            Z = 1.800 mm


Machine bed X-axis

Basis for a fast and secure movement of the machine column in X-direction is our machine bed in flat bed design. A distance of 1.400 mm between the linear guides (RUE 65) grant highest accuracy.

Inside positioned energy chain, as well as rack and pinion drive ensure production security for decades.

Electrically driven X-axis using two synchronized motors.



The machine column is of a compact, buckling-restistant welded construction. The guides on the column are combined sliding and roller guides with hardened flat bearings. The guides are protected against swarfs and water by means of telescope covers.


Headstock slide

GGG 60 cast iron design with hydraulic counterweight, guided on the column with screwed and hardened slide ways. Long guidings lea to the machine column and the spindle stock and grant highest force transmissions at a constant quality. In order to avoid a tilting of the column, the Y and Z Axis are arranged as close as possible.


Headstock Z-axis

Cast iron design made of GGG 60 with two opposed anti-friction guideways.The headstock incorporates the C-Axis, which can be continuously swivelled, with integrated interface for media connection.

This is prerequisite for automatic changing of different milling heads:

         – Axis speed 20 rpm

         – Continuous swivelling range from 0° to 360°

         – Axial clamping torque 20.000 Nm

         – Axial torque 800 Nm at 100% ED (duty ratio)

         – Indexing accuracy 6 sec



Electro-mechanical control unit using 2 vertical ball screws with separate drives, measurement systems and CNC axes to ensure a long-lasting, accurate, co-planar and low-maintenance movement of the headstock.


Drive System

Individually operating digital feed drives with AC motors ensure a high-precision processing with a constant torque, feed and rapid feed continuously variable from:

Y- and Z-axis:               2 to 24.000 mm/min.

X-axis                           2 to 36.000 mm/min

Acceleration in all axes 2 m/s²


Measurement System

Direct contactless measuring with linear measurement systems for a high precision machining.


Main Drive

Frequency controlled liquid cooled AC motor. Due to direct power transmission WITHOUT gears additional heating and wear is avoided.

42 kW drive power at 100 % duty, 63 kW at 40 % duty

Torque: 1.003 Nm at 100 % duty, 1.504 Nm at 40 % duty

Speed range 22 – 5.000 rpm

According to performance diagram of main drive, no. E 741.0542.225


Travelling Platform

Travelling platform moving in the X-direction, with built-in CNC control. The elevating platform is mounted on the machine column and adjustable in height.

The vertical displacement is 1.500 mm. With the machine at standstill, the elevating platform can be extended horizontally by 1.000 mm.


Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment according to EN60204, VGB 4 for 400/230V (±10%) 3-phase, 50 Hz, Fuse 250 A slow.

Control voltage 24 V, total connected load ca. 120 kVA, 190 A.

The separate electrical cabinet comprises the control devices for main spindle and feed drives, as well as free programmable control units and the switches for additional devices.

Protection category of the electrical cabinet, feed drives and fan of the main drive is IP54. Protection category of the main drive IP55. Machine and cabinet are connected with connectors. All cables are in the cable duct for which the customer has to take care, according to the machine layout.


Air Condition System Electrical Cabinet

Mounted on cabinet doors. Bicameral system. No exchange of internal air with external air. Automatic temperature reduction of internal air thru an evaporator. At the same time dehumidification of the internal air.



Guideways and ball screws                 Central impulse lubrication

Spindle                                                 Permanent grease lubrication

Milling head                                          Oil-air lubrication

Rack and pinion drive                          Grease lubrication


Oil Cooler

Cooling aggregate for stabilization of operating temperature of the head stock resulting in an increased production accuracy during machining.


Other Connections

Compressed air 6 bar, connector G 1″.


Power Saving Mode

All the SHW machines are provided with a build-in energy-saving mode, setting the machines into standby according to pre-set time intervals. A large number of aggregates can be switched-off completely with the energy-saving mode (for example the coolant system, the swarf conveyor and the hydraulics) thus considerably reducing the power consumption to under 1kW.



Machine basic colour RAL 7004 signal grey. Headstock and ATC with magazine RAL 7016 anthracite grey. Swarf conveyor, coolant unit and slide doors RAL 7016 anthracite grey. Neutral standard components RAL 7016 anthracite grey. DD textured paint, silk gloss, oil and soda resistant.



For a fast diagnosis and rectification of errors.

Prerequisite is provisioning the machine with a network connection or a SIM card (UMTS).


CNC control Siemens 840D

CNC system Siemens 840D sl (see separate description).

Central control panel, swivel mounted. Carrier of this panel mounted in operator’s platform.


Siemens Control Handset HT2

         – Emergency OFF                

         – Double spaced display        

         – 20 Assignment keys                       

         – 20 LED in the keys 

         – Key switch for on/off

         – Override with 12 settings

         – Electronic hand wheel

         – Cable


Universal milling head in orthogonal design

         – Liquid cooled milling head

         – Cast iron GGG 60

         – Milling head, automatic rotation 180 x 1°

         – The individual positions can be positioned, programmed and processed via the


         – Repeatability at spindle nose ± 0,004 mm consequently indexing accuracy ± 3 sec

         – Tool taper SK 50 BIG-PLUS

         – The milling spindle is equipped with a hydro-mechanical tool clamping system

         – Tool clamping force: 20 kN

         – Internal coolant supply, form A-D

         – External coolant supply via spray ring

         – Speed range 22 – 5.000 rpm

         – Technical data UniForce 6C / 7C / 8C according to  E 730.1396.11

         – Technical data PowerForce 8C according to  …


         Excentric horizontal milling head

         – Length (NC dimension)                                                      mm     900

         – Effective plunging length at Dia of housing                       mm     600

         – Dia of housing                                                                                mmØ  210

         – C-axis offset                                                                       mm     100

         – Maximum spindle speed                                                     rpm     2.500

         – Maximum spindle torque according to data sheet

         – Transmission ratio  (DoubleTorque)                                   i           2:1

         – Tool taper SK50 BIG-PLUS

         – Automatic hydro-mechanical tool clamping system, holding force 20 kN

         – Automatic tool change via ATC only with UniForce 6C/7C/8C and PowerForce 8C

         – Automatic tool change via pick-up station (optional)

         – Internal coolant supply, form AD

         – External coolant supply via spray ring

           Technical data for UniForce 6C/7C/8C according to E 730.1396.52


Spindle Version 400mm Orthogonal Head

Longer execution of the milling spindle for automatic universal milling heads in orthogonal design. In this case the NC distance from A-Axis to the spindle was increased from 230 mm to 400 mm and additionally the spindle has 7 bearing points instead of 5, what is resulting in a positively longer live and a higher stability of the milling spindle.

Differing execution of the orthogonal milling head as per drawing E 730.1396.99


Head Changing Magazine

Welded construction.For an automatic changing of milling heads. Superposed arrangement of storage shelfs. All-around protection against swarfs. Automatic opening of protection system for changing milling heads. Storage of the milling heads only without tool.


Extra charge X = 8.000mm to X = 22.000mm

Extra charge X = 8.000mm to X = 22.000mm


Extra charge Z = 1.800 mm to Z= 1.900 mm.

Extra charge Z = 1.800 mm to Z= 1.900 mm.


CNC-Rotary Table

with large size bearing

         – Clamping surface                                                               mm     4.000 x 5.000

         – W-axis                                                                                mm     4.500

         – T slots, parallel in table top                                                 mm     28 H12 – DIN 650

         – 2 x Setting slots longitudinal / cross                                   mm     28 H7, 12 depth

         – Slot distance                                                                       mm     250

         – Center bush, hardened                                                       mmØ  100 H7

         – Run out of center bush                                                       mm±   0,010

         – Run out of table surface at Ø 2.870 mm (without load)    mm±   0,015

         – Mechanical dividing accuracy via direct, absolute            sec±    2,5

           measuring system

         – Speed                                                                                 rpm     1,9

         – Tilting moment                                                                    Nm      250.000

         – Tangential moment clamped                                             Nm      240.000

         – Tangential moment for circular milling                                          Nm      75.000

         – Table load (centric)                                                            kg        130.000


Automatic Tool Changer

         – Tools in Magazine                                                              70

         – Maximal Tool Diameter with full magazine             mm     125

         – Maximal Tool Diameter with free neighbour pocket          mm     250

         – Maximal tool length                                                 mm     500

         – Maximal tool weight                                                 kg       25

         – Maximal Tool moment                                                       Nm      40

         – Tool change time                                                     sec.    10 (approx)

         – Spindle position when changing tool                                  horizontal

         – Fixed location coding

         – Blowing out of tool taper with compressed air after each tool change


Extension from 70 to 120 Tools

Maximal loading capacity approx 2.000 kg


Pick-Up Station

Located on the floor plate of the machine

         – Number of tool locations                                                            pcs.         10

         – Maximum tool weight                                                                 kg            25

         – Maximal tool moment                                                                Nm          40

         – Maximum tool length                                                                 mm         500

         – Maximum tool diameter, all pockets occupied                          mm         160

         – Maximum tool diameter with free neighbor pockets                 mm         320

           Special solutions for oversize and heavy tools available on request.


Main drive 75 kW UniForce 6C / 7C / 8C

Frequency controlled liquid cooled AC motor. Due to direct power transmission WITHOUT gears additional heating and wear is avoided.

– 75 kW drive power at 100 % duty, 100 kW at 40 % duty

– Torque: 1.000 Nm at 100 % duty, 1.326 Nm at 40 % duty

– Speed range 10 – 5.000 rpm

According to performance diagram of main drive, no. E 741.0575.225


Coolant Thru Spindle

Coolant system for coolant supply switchable at will from external coolant (spray ring) to internal coolant supply (IK), including a compact filter unit for coolant cleaning.

Frequency controlled high pressure pump with steplessly variable pressure control via the machine control.

Pump capacity:                        32 l/min at maximum 20 bar

Coolant tank:                500 l

Filter accuracy:             < 50 µm


Content: 1.500l

Content: 1.500 Liter

Tanks with a volume of 1 000 litres and more require a separate protection bin, according to the Federal Water Act. (Relevant local rules and regulations have to be checked by the customer). The separate protection bin is not included in this option.


Safety Bin for Coolant System

Safety bin for coolant system with a tank capacity of 1.500 l. Volume- and leakage sensor inclusive.


Air Thru Spindle

Switchable between coolant and air thru spindle.


Coolant Supply via Flexible Hose

Spray gun with separate pump, connected with the container of the coolant  installation. The spray gun is equipped with a flexible hose, 10 m long, and an automatic hose reel.

Pump Capacity:                       70 l/min at max. 2 bar


SHW UniScan

3D Crash and Vibration overload recognition

SHW UniSc@n provides a real time crash recognition in all axes. This is possible with a 3D acceleration sensor with a reaction time of less than a millisecond. An identified collision leads straight to a machine stop, thus reducing significantly consequential damages. A further function provides warning limits with regard to vibration overload. Potential damages due to excessive use of the machine are prevented.

Machine diagnosis:

A further function of the SHW UniSc@n is a machine diagnosis which gives direct indications as to the condition of the machine. Consequently a condition-based maintenance is possible, thus avoiding unexpected downtimes and helping to achieve a higher machine uptime.


Security access standard version

Following the safety regulations, the rear machining area must be safeguarded by a security door.

By activating the key “Movement Start” / STOP” on the control panel and “Movement Stop” at the safety entrance, the machine can be stopped and the area behind the machine can be entered. After access to the operators platform the machine can be re-started via the key “Movement Start”. When leaving the area behind the machine through the safety door, the machine can be re-started via a key switch at the door “Movement Start”.


Sealing Air

As to all linear axes of machines, the glass scales are pressurized in order to reduce the residual risk of dirt and soiling to a minimum.

Where available, encoders of rotary- / turning tables also are supplied with sealing air.



3-dimensional, signal transmission via integrated radio wave transmitter. For automatic tool change or manual change. Suitable among others to determine part length and the zero points of the part in horizontal and vertical position.

(Depending the CNC control unit, further measurement applications are  possible) producer: Renishaw typ: RPM 60 Q


Chip conveyor of the basic machine

Flap joint type conveyor

Width                                        mm        350

Height                                       mm     1.140

For servicing is installed in the discharge flap of the chip conveyor a reversing switch for right and left run, as well as an EMERGENCY STOP (control-independent)

Basic price for X = 8.000 mm


Chip conveyor per 1m track extension

Each further meter (up to X = 20.000 mm)


Fixators per meter X-axis


One set of levelling units for alignment and adjustment of the machine. Levelling units including the foundation bolts (without grout).

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