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Web-based, bi-directional communication with life view and sound. The efficient interface between your operator and our experts.

We incorporate your data glasses into our web-based AUGMENTED PORTAL – without any additional software installation.

The high-contrast, ultralight OLED based data glasses authenticate themselves automatically via QR-code with your machine. We grant highest data protection in a cloud certified as per ISO 27018.

Within this closed system we can- for your support – transfer – bidirectionally – videos, data sheets, pictures and live screenshots, thus creating an added quality in communication.

Productivity gain through:

  • Increased availability of your machine
  • Reduced response times in cases of unplanned accidents
  • Target-oriented service due to global availability of expert know-how

Cost saving through:

  • Avoidance of travel expenses
  • A more efficient solution in case of an indifferent defect pattern